Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dearborn Debate Huge Success

I joined several other local Republicans at the Dearborn Presidential Debate and had a great time. Just some thoughts that might never get reported:

First, both Fred Thompson and Chris Matthews seemed much more fit and trim than you see on TV. Second, it was funny to see the moderators turn around with looks of disgust on their faces every time the audience applauded. Thirdly, you could sense some real uncomfortableness when both Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo said they might not support the Republican nominee. Fourth, it really seemed that the candidates liked each other and were enjoying themselves.

On top of the announcements that most of the Democrats are REMOVING their names from the Jan. 15th Michigan Primary Ballot, it was a good day for Republicans in Michigan. Any thoughts? What did you see while watching on TV?


Anonymous said...

I don't like the way Romney and Guiliani treat eachother. I think they both are looking to take Michigan so the stakes are really high in for them, but the way they bicker back and forth is not what I am looking for in a president.

Here is a question: Does Ron Paul really think we are going to return to a currency backed by precious metals? I think he is going to jump ship at some point and take either the US Taxpayer or the Libertarian party nominations. Every time we give him a forum in a GOP setting, we are making a mistake.

And, I wish 2 or 3 candidates would bow out so we cna get a little deeper into issues during the debates.

one voice said...

The bias of the moderators/panal to give more time to "top tier" candidates was disappointing. As they said, they were trying to give a good deal of attention to Fred Thompson - as a newcomer - but I figured if he joined late then less exposure is just part of it. I hoped that with this showcase, we'd just see more of each.

To your question on Ron Paul - Doesn't he uphold some of the traditional Republican values (from a couple of decades ago) before big government and so much spending softened so many Repubs up?