Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kudos to Nofs/Wenke

I think we owe a great deal of thanks to State Representatives Mike Nofs and Lorence Wenke for standing strong against the Granholm tax increases. Thanks guys!!!

And what about the story of Senate Democrat staffers violating Senate Rules:

"Senate To Discuss Camera IncidentA Senate Democratic photographer who was found to have been taking pictures of the voting board Sunday night/Monday morning in violation of Senate rules might have her floor privileges permanently revoked, MIRS has learned.Suzanne CATERINO, the staff photographer for the Senate Democratic caucus, was spotted by a Republican staff member crouched behind the desk of Senate Minority Leader Mark SCHAUER (D-Battle Creek) taking pictures of the voting board during the difficult tax increase votes and the votes on immediate effect.When the sergeants confiscated her camera, it was found she had taken numerous pictures of the board throughout the night. Senate Majority Leader Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) said he was "displeased" by the "egregious" violation of the rules, noting that her actions could have derailed the very tenuous agreement that was being carried out on the floor.Bishop said no decision has been made about Caterino's fate, but he expressed some skepticism about Schauer's claim that he had no idea what she was doing."

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Anonymous said...

I believe an addition congratulations should go to Lorence Wenke for his effort to promote spending reforms.

His proposals will have real impact and he seems to be one of the only legislators who are being honest about our continuing budget problem. Cutting taxes is easy. Cutting spending is tough and Wenke is proving he is willing to make those tough choices.