Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Executive Committee of Calhoun County GOP Meets

We had a great Executive Committee meeting last night. Not only did we do some official business, but got to hear what our elected officials are up to:

County Drain Commissioner Blaine VanSickle has taken care of the beaver nusiance out on Cotton Lake by installing a beaver bypass system. Good work.

Congressman Walberg has been actively listening to his constituents, most recently at Battle Creek Health System and out at Fort Custer Industrial Park.

County Commissioners Greg Moore and Jase Bolger have been pleased with the new Hard Labor sentencing and thanked Sheriff Byam and Jeff Albgaugh for helping this be successful. In addition, they informed us on the proposed smoking ban that could take place in Calhoun County - more on that in the days to come I hope. Finally, there is a proposal to increase the number of Road Commissioners from 3 to 5. This seems like this will only cost the taxpayers more money. What is the benefit? Anyone?

Finally, Anne Norlander, the Calhoun County Clerk announced that almost every document her office keeps (and that the public has access to) will be available on-line in the near future. Many of the more common documents are already on-line, but the rest should be up and available in cyberspace in the weeks to come.

Great meeting - thanks to all.


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Joel Fulton said...

There is a gentleman in my neighborhood that is currently working with the road commission for the so-called hard labor sentencing. He is not especially happy with it but he said it is no worse than being in jail. It costs us less and it forces those who would be taking from society to instead give back to society. I believe this to be a good thing from what I am personally seeing so far and I hope it is continued and expanded.