Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gore's Support for War in Iraq?

For those of you who listened to Rush Limbaugh today, here is a link to the Al Gore speech from 1992 where he advocates for unilateral military action in Iraq and for taking out Saddam Hussein. I wish someone would ask him if he was wrong back then?

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With all do respect it looks like th VP has enjoyed to many executive luncheons since 92!

I hate to say it he was right about terrorists and WMD in Iraq. SH was a bad seed and was reconstituting both these programs when GW's proactive foriegn policy altered his plans.
The current fight with the Islamic extremists cannot be fought with any traditional ROE that we as Americans are used to, just ask the Brits in Malaya (1948-1957), counter insurgency warfare is like learning to eat soup with a fork, but my military sources in Iraq let me know the surge of troops and Iraqi Security Forces are making solid progress against the enemy.

Military word to the wise, we need to keep our eyes on our US southern border and continue pressure on Iran in thier quest for A Bomb!

Semper Fidelis