Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Immigration Question

The hot issue of the day is the immigration bill being debated in the Senate this week. Today, Congressman Tim Walberg explained his opposition to the bill in an op-ed piece that appeared in the Battle Creek Enquirer. You can read it here:

I think that we all can agree that more work needs to be done to implement the Secure Fence Act of 2006 (requiring a fence be built along the borders). In addition, Congressman Walberg points out that the bureaucratic hurdles thrown up during the immigration process also need to be streamlined and reformed. This too, is a point of solid agreement among most Americans and most Republicans.

Some Republicans, however, are supporting this bill, including President Bush. The bill does require hefty fines (in the area of $5,000) for illegal immigrants, an approximate 10 year process to obtain citizenship, a concentrated requirement for English and Civic knowledge, and increased requirements for identification.

What I think is most impressive about this debate, though, is that it is being driven by our Party. Even though the Democrats control both Houses of Congress, it is Republican ideas and leaders who are controlling its future. However you fall on this issue, be proud of the fact that our party is not satisfied with the status quo and that we have leaders like Congressman Walberg and President Bush hashing out the details. Thanks fellas.



Anonymous said...

One problem, Mr. Chairman. Walberg is not hashing out the details. He is holding firm on a small, impractical argument which basically is this:

We must round up every illegal immigrant and deport them before we do anything else.

If the estimate is 10 million illegals, even if it only cost $100 per illegal, (this is a silly, low number, which further illustrates my point), that little plan of our Congressman is going to cost one billion dollars. And we will have not fixed anything yet except our urge to get rid of some Mexicans.

I don't appreciate politicians who attempt to appeal to racist urges. The spectre of a wild-eyed Mexican stealing, robbing and breaking laws is not one which keeps me up at night and no politician is going to impress me by playing on those emotions.

Mr. Walberg must engage in this debate rather than puff up his chest as an obstructionist. Bush has taken a very courageous stand as a leader on this issue and I fear our Congressman's desire to be re-elected is preventing him from engaging this debate. I hope others in our party are not so short-sighted and continue to work for a compromise and, more importantly, a real solution to this very real problem of undocumented aliens.

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