Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The New Beginning

Well Calhoun County Republicans, last week we enjoyed friendship and fellowship as we broke bread together with Secretary of State Teri Lynn Land at our annual Lincoln Day Dinner. At that dinner, I said that Calhoun County Republicans was on the verge of a rebirth. This blog is just another indication that things are changing, and changing for the better.

So please check back here often as I will be updating this space as things happen in our community, in our state, and in the country at large. Sometimes that will be every day, sometimes that will be every hour, but I will try to keep you updated of all the things I am hearing that might be interesting to you.

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Thanks for MCeeing a great LD celebration, the folks at Southern Exposure were outstanding hosts! OOOOOOooorah, I am motivated to take on the opposition party and let folks know that we have a better plan for the way ahead!

back in Zen mode :-)

Semper Fidelis CCR