Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Fighting Parent

Ma ny of you know the story of our own Robert Pederson - if you haven't, you must be hiding under a rock. Check out Rob and Angela's Blog here: .

They share a great story of what a parent is willing to do to be an important part of his children's life. Thanks for all your hard work and devotion. You are an inspiration to us all.

In addition, Robert is planning a bike trek from Lansing to Washington, D.C. to bring awareness to equal parenting rights. If you can find a way to support him, do it.



Anonymous said...

I still don't quite understand what Mr. Pederson's issue is. I have plenty of friends who share custody with no problem. If anyone understands his issue, please inform me.


Angela Pedersen, R.N. said...

Mr. Pedersen's (my husband)issue is a child's right to EQUAL time with BOTH fit and willing parents after a divorce. He supports Michigan House Bill 4564

Many states are moving towards equal parenting rights or what some call shared parenting. This is been proven to be best for children and the parents in the long-term. States that have this type of legislation have also seen a decrease in their divorce rates.

The state of Michigan and it's antiquated child custody laws do not have a preference towards shared parenting. They simply must inform parents of that possibility.

Title IV-D is an added incentive to remove a child or children after a divorce from ONE of their parents. Michigan's Family Court systems receive federal incentive monies under Title IV-D. You and all tax payers pay for this! You can research this further here:

You can review the list of media and Bloggers covering this event here:

You can also learn about the big win for Michigan and Robert Pedersen here: